Revista Argentina de Estudios Canadienses

Argentinean Journal of Canadian Studies No 2 - 2008 - Ed. La Ley
Title: Urban Agriculture and landscape transformation.
The Canadian experience applied to the marginal settlings in Argentina.

Author: Sebastián Miguel

ISSN 1851-4448


This article is the result of research on the application of certain tools in the field of design and town planning which make possible to transform and evaluate the degraded areas of the contemporary city. These tools are part of urban agriculture programs which promote the creation and installation of community orchards with collective participation of the inhabitants, together with government offices and community organizations.
The study cases that have been analyzed are located in the Québec Region, with particular emphasis on the city of Montreal. These experiences have clear strategies of application on the urban and social Latin American reality, specially in the marginal settlements of the most important cities of Argentina.